Why B-Side my friend?


B-side my joB is the “behind the scene” of Patricia Cano.

Journalist, Photographer (PíCaRa) and Marketing Manager. All of them are my A-side.

How PROMOTE animated feature films, VFX jobs, videogames, concerts, artists… and not to take more than three painkillers a day ?

That, my friend, is my B-side, and I am going to tell you how really is this CRAZY business…

Yes, it will always be in English language… MY English language… So take it easy… and read me with Sofía Vergara accent in ‘Modern Family’. It will be more funny if you forgive my mistakes… no cat will die 😉

First at all…. a short and graphic introduction to the great job of “The girl of the Marketing”…. aka “the girl of the T-shirts”.*

This is what you have to promote… (what bosses say):


This is what you want to promote… (what the team desire):


This is what you would do to promote it… (if you had a Marketing budget )


And this is what you can do to promo… I mean, what you can try to do!


Al right!

With this simple rule you can understand any single thing of Marketing!

Go ahead :

This is me (the picture that my parents show to the neighbours…)


This is what people expect from “the girl of Marketing” (Cool!)** 

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 16.35.01

And this is what people imagine when I explain all the things we do in Marketing (OMG!)


Well… it’s only the begining… And don’t forget it, the product placement in this B-side is just your imagination.

This blog will be awesome! (yes… it is what I want to promote… XD)

Because Marketing is only rock’n roll… and I like it!

* If I was a man, would I be called “the boy of T-shirts” ? Good question my friend…
** Portrait made by Mayte Templado by the way 😉

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