Be the jungle, dude!

Yes, I know… I don’t write since March… maybe when my last job began. Well, it’s the life of Marketing Managers… they are going to save a business like a hero, and when they are out, they have superhero complex… Nobody really cares about us.

But that’s not my business now. No. I am a rockstar, I have a big ego to deal with other bigger egos in the industry: show must go on! And the best way for this “big hero rockstar” is keeping on the business by my own… Have just you seen how I sold myself? Well, it’s only a proof of how I can promote talent!

Yes, my big ego is still writing 😉


So, B-side my joB was born as the “behind the scene” of Patricia Cano… But now, this blog is the seed of my Press & Marketing Agency in audiovisual productions, animation and VFX studios, videogames, technology and music. Voilà!

My last 15 years I have been Journalist, Photographer (PíCaRa), Editor, Marketing Manager and Audiovisual Production Teacher. All of them are my A-side. for different companys. But I am very tired of this side… so, how to survive in a jungle? Be the jungle! Enjoy the jungle, all the projects I can promote are there! So, here I am, me and my B-side.

How PROMOTE animated feature films, VFX jobs, videogames, concerts, artists… and not to take more than three painkillers a day ? Well… maybe I can get to take only one!… that’s my B-side, and I’m going to tell you in this blog how really this mad business is.

But, if you need marketing and press services to survive in this crazy business, better write right now to Come on! Marketing is only rock’n roll… but I like it!

Oh yes, I am a woman, but don’t scare yourself, it’s not ‘Mad Men’ epoch anymore… only ‘Mad Professionals’ for this crazy business, dude!



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