#Feminism: the new black

#8M is coming: International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world and, first time in Spain, women will be able to be on strike! But, what does it have to do with marketing?

Well, nowadays, the Feminism is the new black: a worldwide movement in any social class and that’s integrated in any marketing campaign. But the big question is: What solutions are there? Well… we can ask for them to the President of the Spanish Government:

Translation TC 00:35′: Question “Not even saying that if a woman and a man do the same, should they earn the same salary?” Answer “Let’s not get involved in that”.

Great, right? Well… Government campaigns supporting women rights are part of “The hypodermic needle model” (an intended message is directly received and wholly accepted by the receiver without any question). It was explained too -with other theory- by Daniel Kahneman, Nobel in economic science, in his book ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’.

So the Government is supporting our rights and fighting for equality and same salaries between men and women… but in fact, it’s not that way. This kind of promotion is an indulged lie to get votes… not to get rights… Well, my sweet Alice in Wonderland, it’s a marketing campaign where the objetives are differents than you thought… only that.


How can we fight against this corruption of feminism? We have to see beyond the marketing… what is being achieved? Maybe the strike, where women are temporarily giving up to their daily salary, can achieve more than advertisement. “Feminism is like sexism”, “you cannot wear neckline and defend your rights”, “if you are a man you can’t be a feminist … all of that are just strategies to lure you away from the real objective of feminism campaign: equality.

Keep it on your mind! Anything that moves away from equality, is not a marketing campaign about Feminism … it’s only a tool to achieve other objectives … A company can sell more products and make women have more visibility and equal salaries in the same marketing campaign. The objectives: selling more and get an equal society. It’s not bad!

What other invisible marketing campaigns can help achieve equal rights for women?


There are websites like Wisel Wisel -where everybody enjoy memes and jokes- and from time to time there are sexy photos of tattoos and girls under the hashtag #RockGirl… perfect! And what about #RockBoys? I like women body, I like tattoos, and definitely I also like men bodies (not only women, a lot of men will be also agree me).

Another example: Formula 1 was criticized for using models (women) as stewardesses, so they fired them. Wrong! If hostesses are necessary, hire women and men for it! They can be models or not. The problem is this (the real objetive, remember):

And, of course, there are another taboo issues, like asking women about maternity in job interviews or the believe that women can’t consume porn or that porn can only be focused in men pleasure. There are women film directors -like Erika Lust– and even websites that offer this kind of videos without hurting women and, most important of all, they are able to evoke pleasurable situations for men and women. The danger of “traditional” porn is their evocation of violent situations against women. Women enjoy sex too, believe me…

By the way, even in LGTBI community, women have to fight more for their rights... and quite often marketing campaigns forget about it!

It’s very shocking to see how a lot of friends (men friends) change their mind when they have daughters… Don’t wait for this moment and begin to find equality everywhere! It has to be part of your Personal brand in life!!

And yes, only for this time, forget what I said in my first presentation, because in this B-side article , the product placement is not only in your imagination…

Be feminist, my friend!